Andrew HughesA jack of all trades…

Thanks for checking out my creative portfolio. In the age of extreme specialization, I consider myself to be a versatile visual communicator who can work in many disciplines including digital design, print design, photography, and video. In addition, I have a long history as a blogger creating original and researched content about photography and watch-related subjects. I possess a strong work ethic and work well in teams or alone. I thrive in a creative environment and enjoy collaboration.

My work history

I currently have a position in an Atlanta design company as a graphic designer and photographer at I have held this job since 1992, and this environment has prepared me for many different situations. The diversity of our clientele means that I must be able to understand the graphic styles of each and follow them to maintain the visual standards required for each brand. This makes me somewhat of a chameleon being able to adapt my style of design depending on what is required for the project.

My resume

My resume

I have worked with a variety of clients from small businesses to Fortune 100 Corporations. Because our firm is small, each artist is often required to have interdisciplinary skills to pull from. In my 29 years in this field, I have worked on a wide array of projects requiring a well-rounded skill-set. This includes working seamlessly in print and digital design/production, web design, photography, and video. My experiences also include behind-the-scenes duties such as project management, planning, estimation, client relations, and vendor oversight.

I also own a freelance graphic design and photography company that does similar work as my day job, but with a greater emphasis on portrait and event photography. See related websites at for photos and for graphic design.

Graphic design is a fast-changing field and I have maintained proficiency in the major digital production tools required including the Adobe Suite of applications. I am continuously learning new skills that are required to keep up with social media, email marketing, and advertising trends. I also have an interest in online marketing and improvement of SEO for websites and analytics.

What I think as a visual communicator

My life can be summed up my fascination with storytelling, both with the written word and through visual mediums. Whether I am trying to tell a brand’s story or capture the personality of a subject in a portrait, each instance relies on clear communication based on intent. Sometimes it is a personal expression of my thoughts, and other times it is professional corporate messaging. A commercial artist needs to know what is most appropriate for the job at hand.

My personal interests

Much can be understood about a person by discovering what makes them tick. In my case, that can be a literal thing because I write a watch collecting blog at and a photo blog. I also have an interest in sports cars, in lieu of motorcycling (since 1999). Photography, science, history, disappearing cultures through mask collecting, scuba diving, cinema and pop culture round out my interests. I never stop learning and often go to bed way past the time I should because I am uncovering some a mystery.